WTA 48m Gallente Subcap Char

Positive Wallet
Located in Jita
No Killrights

15m SP in Hybrid Gunnery (maxed subcap)
14.4m SP in Spaceships
HAC, Recon, Logi 5
3.8m in Drones (small, medium, heavy T2)
Strong coreskills
Gallente subs all at lvl5
Great subcap PVP char

Speccing into Minmatar atm -> Vigilant / Vindicator -> Cynabal / Machariel

Starting bid: 45b
Buyout: 50b


35 billion.

36 billion

37 billion.


38 bill

can u make the skills @ https://eveskillboard.com ??



38.5 bil

39 bill

39.5b Right now isk ready

40 billion

41 Billion Isk ready,
but im at Work atm so can transfer the ISK in around 6-7 Hours


Please note that the starting bid is 45b. If i wanted to sell at extractorprice i would have done so myself.
This is a carefully skilled character. If you’re looking to make a quick buck as a reseller or extractor, please don’t waste your time here. Serious bids are still very welcome.

We are already past extractor prices… Try it yourself and see the amount of ISK you are left with, after extracting and selling :slight_smile:

The only way you are going to get the price you are asking for is if you specialize in Rorq or Caps.

close to 40b @ ectractor prices… but thanks for the info. Not my first char sale, i’m in no hurry, i will get the price i’m looking for sooner or later…