WTS 5.476M Freighter Pilot

4 days and 9 hours from Gallente Freighter 4
Navigation lvl 5
Evasive Maneuvering lvl 5
Warp Drive Operation lvl 5
Trade lvl 5
Hull Upgrades lvl 5
Mechanics lvl 5

Can’t get eveboard to work on this character.

Full set of Mid-grade Slave Beta
Slot 6 WS-610
Slot 7 EM-703
Slot 8 MC-803
Slot 10 HG-1003

In starter corp - Center for Advanced Studies.

4.5B Buyout


Buyout accepted. Please send isk and transfer information.


That was fast, and I would have paid the 4.5b you were asking.

If I don’t hear from the other guy in the next hour - I will open it back up.

Haven’t heard from buyer. Open for sale again.

Morning Bump.


4.2 bil offer


4.5b buyout, as long as wallet and security status are both positive.

V3rmin - I accept your offer. Yes they are both positive. Please send isk and transfer instructions.



I am online now.

If buyer does not follow through I will give you your buyout as well, and I am ready with isk!

Thanks. I will give him one hour.

Ok, I am on standby then =p

v3rmin has sent the isk.

Character transferred per instructions.

Thank you.

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