WTS 32.4M SP Pilot -

20.5 B

Friday Bump


Sunday Bump

monday Bump

Wednesday Bump

21.1 Billion

21.11 billion

sorry guys… I think I will not sell it at that price

Minimum price is 24 Bil

I’ll do 24 bil till i find better char

26 bil B/O … offer stands for 24hrs

Monday Bump

21 Bil

22 offer

22.5B ISK ready

TY for the bids but I will need more than that… I haven’t give the char for 26 bil

Saturday Bump


This seller violates the rules for character transfer by posting bids on his alt character.

As can be seen from the following thread, his alt “Nathanien D” was sold on 21 June 2020: SOLD Miner pilot with 9.4 Mil SP

Previously, however, he had posted “offers” on this sales thread (8 May 2020 & 16 May 2020). And he subsequently (11 June 2020) referenced the latest bid as the highest bid of 26 bill. To the OP: No need to edit the posts, as we have screenshots.

This is a scam. And it is in direct violation of the rules for character sales. Perhaps it should earn the seller a banned account?

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