WTS 32.4M SP Pilot -

Want to sell 32.4 Mil SP 2 remaps still available, -0.1 Security Status
B/0 - 30 Bil

Starting bid 27 bil
B/0 30 bil

All the bids bellow are not taken into consideration

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17 bil

Wrong section

Moved from Sales Ads to Character Bazaar.


Thx guys but I expect vetter offers

18 bil

Thx Ronimil- Don’t get me wrong please I had a similar char that I recently empty it from SP with Skill extractors and sold the Skill injectors on the market and made 21 B profit. An I didn’t had to pay the fee for transferring the character. So I’ll pass on your offer for that reason.

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20b offered

20.5 B

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21.1 Billion

21.11 billion

sorry guys… I think I will not sell it at that price