WTS 45m sp PVP pilot

Hi everyone, my pilot in npc corp, his wallet is positive, s.s. 3.5, moved to high sec, no kill rights.
All skills here https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Faust_Fonulique
start bid: 35b

40 bil

hello Maizie, you can send isk and account data

Is your bid still valid? Trying to contact you but got no respond.

Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I’ll have to retract the bid. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, np, character is still for sale. Waiting for new offers

Hello, I want to buy 33B. I only have so many people who like you very much. Is that OK?

Sorry 33 bil is not what I am looking for

35 bil

contacted you in game

I contacted you.

Agreed in game. Selling to @Shnitzel_Tiras for 36 bil

Is the transaction completed?

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