Sale Cancelled - No good bids

Sale cancelled.

Confirming I am for sale. password?

Apologies, I didn’t realise I’d set one

PW is 1234

Bumping. Now over 20M SP.


2,3m SP in PI for PVP pilot in my opinion is a waste
14,5 bil offer

It might seem like a waste, but it generates enough ISK to plex the account each and every month.

Your offer is too low - after transfer fees, etc, I’d make more just extracting the skills and selling them.


16 bil

Bumping - offer still a bit low, looking for 17.5B at a minimum, 20b B/O

18b b/o

Hi - based on low bids I extracted a million in SP from the account - could you please re-check the skillboard and if you’re happy with where it landed, I’d accept the 18b b/o

With the reduced SP, I can do 17b b/o. Isk is ready and will respond as quickly as possible.

Not interested at 17b - will cancel sale and simply repurpose this character towards reprocessing.

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