Cancelled - Thanks


Confirming, I am for sale.

15b bid

18b, best offer

Thanks for your offer but i’ll wait a while longer.

19 Bil Best offer. Time limited im afraid as bidding on several other toons as well.


No thank you.


Daily Bump, still for sale.

16bn … technically jF pilot is 15bn to skill inject into under that context and given you’ve not taken 19bn i’ll offer 16bn

Thanks for your offer but when you decide to post something like this, at least think about what you typing before you type it.

I can get 14.9bil by simply extracting skills and selling the extractors. Your offer would require me to pay 1000 plex, costing me 3bil, thus ending up with 13bil from your so called above offer.

While i applaud your attempt at low-balling and thinking your offer is good, stop wasting time and get a clue.

Thank you

Edit: Remembering, this isn’t just a JF pilot.

4B, I just need a JF pilot, no waste sp

Bump, still for sale

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