Sale Cancelled

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Sale Cancelled

(Kara Thrrace) #2

I’ll offer 15b as a buyout. Isk ready right now.

(Marc AntoIn) #3

Offer 15.5b b/o

(Errror404Name not found) #4

Both offers so far are below the value of simply extracting this pilot and selling the injectors, and that’s BEFORE the paid transfer cost. Still for sale.

(kristi Aya) #5

Yes as it is 29 bil if you extract the SP but you have to pay 13.8 bil for the extractors so comes out to be 15.5 bil

(Errror404Name not found) #6

Bump, still for sale.

(Errror404Name not found) #7

Still for sale, going to melt it for skillgoo tonight if I don’t get a better price.

(TxivYawg1) #8



17b b/o