58b offer

60 B isk ready

@Girl_Talk and @vidro_unknow Thank you for the free bump but only serious offers will be considered for the custody release of Julia Connor.

Ps. If I can get more out of her by stripping her SP’s and selling them in tubes there is no reason to sell.

We both get it. Both of the offers were above extract value.

I’ll increase my offer to 61b.

you can get skill extractors for about 300 mill a pop and injectors go for around 600 so that is 300 mil diff unless I’m missing something and my math is not kicking me in the back end that is 227 x 300 mill = 68 Bill for extractor, please correct me if I missed something.

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Sure sure, but you are forgetting taxes and fees. It’s commonly overlooked, so don’t sweat it. Anyone would happily pay you extract value +1 billion, but actual extract value is commonly misunderstood. The value isn’t just what see on the market. Most people forget fees.

I’ll tell you this: look at how many skill points you can extract and then look at what you’d sell those skill points for. Literally put a large skill injector on the auction house and then multiply by how many injectors you’d get via extraction. People like WTB aren’t doing anything illicit, they are just looking at straight skill extractor versus skill injector value, plus a small percentage for time.

Thanks for showing me where my miss calculation was and where I messed up. I never said you are doing illicit stuff I just said I would like to have a close bid to the true value like you just said you strip them and sell them for profit with that I have no problem but with that in mind you just told me she is worth more then you are offering. :slight_smile:

Please keep to biding from here on forward if you like to have a discussion on this eve mail me.

61B is the highest bid so far.

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I might try 61.5b but I can’t go any higher

62 bill

up top we go. 62Bill offer noted.

top side.


top side will sell for 70 bill or up.

Maybe, but it seems right now the extractor value is at about 58b-59b and with this character being a bit of a mixed bag (mining/combat/leadership), that kind of price might be a little too high. Unfortunately prices are just gradually getting worse and worse.

@Girl_Talk not sure what you do with the math but no mater what I do I don’t get 58-59b ,so please explain the math to me here in detail so that I can get to the same number as you do.

have a good day and also to the top we go :slight_smile:

Price of Large Skill Injector - Broker’s Fees and Sales Tax - Skill Extractor Price all multiplied by how many injectors you get.

Gonna be slightly different depending on how much you are paying in fees. You can increase the price slightly with better skills and by selling in Perimeter, but it’s not by much.

Also, if this character is being kept alive with Plex, you are losing money every day keeping it subbed with Plex since Plex costs money.

so you are not showing your math just saying what you get good to see ^^. also this is a alt that is inactive so no lose in plex :), I will remind you again since you are not helping by showing your math that this is a betting forum and you need to keep to bids so please do so.

If you violate this again I will ask the ISD to step in. :slight_smile:

top side we go

Buyout has been posted and updated.

@Girl_Talk I have found my error in calculation and I apologize for my error . the buyout has been changed and updated.

top side we go