This character is for sale to anyone looking to dabble in Industry.


  1. Max jump skills for Jump Freighters
  2. Very good shield skills
  3. Well fit for shield missile doctrines
  4. Amazing reprocessing ability

Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Jump Clone in Jita fit for Mem and Int training with a 4% Reprocessing implant
Character too is also located in Jita where it will remain until sold.
This character is also in NPC corp per request of CCP.

The Extractor value for this character is roughly 46.5 bill
Starting bid: 50B
Buyout bid:80B

I reserve the right to accept and/or decline any and all bids and may close this if no reasonable offers are made. For all of you out there just out to extract, lowball offers are just free bumps.

Thank you all for taking a look and fly safe.

@Kai_McSilver good toon, I give you 50 b as a formal offer.
isk ready, if you want to sell, I want to buy so let’s have a deal today ! :wink:
see ya

Thank you for the starter bid, I appreciate that it came within the stated parameters but I will be sitting on this for a while in hopes to get closer to the buyout for this character.
With the skills currently assigned, this character can be very beneficial to the right person and more than just another husked out extracted pilot.
Bidding is still on but the high bid is currently 50B

ill offfer 52bil

I can offer 53

Thank you for the offers of 52 and 53 billion isk. I appreciate the offer but I am seeking higher.
Thinking about that sale and looking at when other characters of similar traits and SP have been sold for, I am officially dropping the buyout price to 65 billion isk to help with a hasty transaction.

Thank you all again for your shown interest.

This is my 24 hour bump.

I would also like to restate that the buyout has been lowered to 65B

@WTB_All_Characters I accept your offer of 53 billion isk.

I sent the isk and account info but haven’t seen a confirmation email. Are we still doing this?

and now the char is extracted. Not sure how many SP the char had.

Seller said extract value is rougly ~46bil
the extractor dude bought the char for 53bil

I dont get it. Can someone explain that ? ;))

I didn’t get the character.
Kai McSilver extracts the character himself.
He returned the isk last night.
And I only extract trash pilots!

haha ok thank you for the info tho.
hm then he maybe was not able to transfer it, whatever, that does not matter anyway.

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