(Closed) WTS 150mil SP


Make offers ingame.
Toon has 9.8 faction standing to Servant Sisters of Eve, in case that would make any bonus for lvl4 mission runners.
Apart from that, her makup is terrible but I’m not responsible for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to confirm :slight_smile:
And I won’t stand any comments about my makeup.

Is this formula still accurate?
((Total SP - 5 000 000)/500 000) * (Skill Injector price - Skill Extractor price)
In that case it gives 160bils.

yeah its accurate.

There is also another rule, the “no more than one ( friendly ) bump per day per thread” one. Please respect it.

@Temara_Brisk mailed you in-game :slight_smile:

Many thanks but I don’t really understand why I should consider offers under 160bils or I missed something?

Your calculation is incorrect, look in the skillboard there is an estimated extraction value which is a very rough figure but closer still. Also there are several similar chars in auction at the moment feel free to look at the offers they are getting to get a better sense of your worth.
You can always extract ofcourse, though some prefer other people to enjoy their chars after the sale

there will always be lowballers.

decent character mate

My apologies for my uncertain knowledge in this field.
Basically it’s either someone is interested in the char to play with it as is or it is just to dismantle it through extractors, which I can do by myself.
I was looking for the amount trigger. Maybe it’s more near to 140bils.
Which would make the above formula inadequate.

Check your in-game mail

Thanks. At least this is a toon who had a life. And I enjoyed playing with it
Its 9.8 faction standing with Sisters of Eve, allows lvl4 missons runners to decline all bad offers and focus an juicy ones.
Well she’s just a little missiles Caldari girl :slight_smile: who loves Golems and Tengus.

I share your analysis. You’re a wise guy :slight_smile:

Thanks, I try to be fair

135 bil

Contact me in the game。thx

Nice effort, thanks.
So basically I find myself between people offering 140-150 (Sorry James Bond) and other people mailing me that I should never sell under 170.
So let’s make it simple : I’m not into any emergency, so forget about making high profits because I would need isk soo bad…
Part of the game but not applicable here.
I will wait a couple of weeks to see if someone is interested by the toon as more valuable as its SP.
Otherwise I will just turn it into injectors.
Nice discount in Eve shop on Large skills extractors, btw :slight_smile:

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Last call for above 160bils offers.
Otherwise I’ll just dismantle the toon end of weekend.

Alas, alas! I’m going to die and no one is going to interrupt this terrible process…

Good bye, cruel World !!

I will remember the Veldspar.

If i can get 155B tomorrow, can you sell the account to me?