Sale closed


buyout is now 34.5b


still interested

I am willing to sell at 32.8B otherwise I will be extracting


I was away with the holidays.

Assuming I missed ToniLux’s offer, I am still selling for 32.8b.

I just fell out of bed, so sorry if this isn’t protocol, but I’m going to start getting things together for extraction, if there are any final offers they must be made now.

sp is currently 42.9m

I cant get your eveboard to work.

if i can see his eveboard and skills will be as i wanted - ready to gine 32-33 bill for it

eveboard seems to be going up and down, after doing some last minute math for myself:

= 84

= 30828000000

= 66612000000

= 35784000000

I’ve determined the profit from skill injector sales to (to buy orders) to be over 35b.

I do not expect anyone here to beat that price, and will be extracting the skills instead of selling here.

Thank you for your interest.

you cant extract bellow 5m sp, so its not 84 extractors but 74, considering that with your prices you will make 4,3b less but ok

5.5mil so 73

ahhh i didn’t see this, regrets anyway too late! sorry!

Extraction pretty much means the only characters that are worth selling are either very focused (something people would inject into anyways) or very high total SP.

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