WTS - 42mil SP booster


Great booster with a great (2,5bil) clone

Will ignore extractor level value bids. I could do that myself.


Will ignore extractor level value bids. I could do that myself.

Bump wednesday


Friday baby

Saturday bump

32 b ?

Nah thats about extracor value, can do that myself and save the transfer fee and keep the 2+ bil implants.

35 is the highest ill go

Yea can do


Bump monday

I’m not sure If you’re been observing extraction prices these days, but things have changed drastically since you posted the character. What’s your highest active bid?

Throwing a 28.5B Offer out there.

Extractors are down 30ish and injectors down 40ish. So the net loss is only 20mil per 1mil skillpoints. Or 840mil for this charcter. So your offer is an insane low ball even with this minor price change.

I apologize for being able to do basic math, nice try though

I don’t know what kind of math you’re doing, but even the eveskillboard has a better estimate. If you don’t get the character sold within today or tomorrow, you’ll be begging for 28 or less. Up to you. It’s your character after all.

Dont worry about it, each gaming trading place has its own low baller(s). I knew before I even posted my thread that you are currently the local active one for the EVE Character Bazaar. There will be plenty of dumb people for you to make a profit. But please respect the fact that there are players who know better. Its not a good look to argue with someone like that.

The math its very easy, price difference between extractor and injector values on the market. Both are dipping a little at the moment which makes sense in a week where everyone is getting free skillpoints. People who want to rush a certain skill this week dont have to buy an injector. Its simple, basic and logical.

Also Im selling the character. She is good at what she does and has implants to match that role. Im not selling the skillpoints.

Best of luck, and I hope you score as high as you can

Thanks, you too