Wts 50m sp toon no wasted points - no longer for sale


Hello, I can offer 25b for your character right now

extractor value alone even at only 600 mil per is more than double that.

You sound terrible at math. Then you should extract it yourself for this price…

45 mil sp extractable = 90 extractors @ 500000 sp per
90x600000000=54 bil
2x25 bil = 50 bil
54 bil is more than twice 25 bil

nice attitude, are you 12?

Looking at your maths, i would say you are 12 and not me.

Think again and come back later…

tell me where my math is incorrect please

You never thought about skill extrators price, fees and taxes ?!

not wasting any more time on you but thanks.
not selling for half of what I have invested.
no wasted sp’s so almost everything translates as useful, with nothing wasted.
good luck finding what i am offering for 25 bil.

It took you probably a long time to build this character indeed. It would take me 1 day without spending a single ISK to make the same.

Have fun selling it for 50b or more…

who said 50bil or more?
just admit it, you deal in characters and you lowball people. the fact that i said no, caused you to get nasty and insulting. qq more?
i could not possibly care less if you can “build” a 50m sp toon in one day, clap,clap.
but don’t forget taxes and fee’s and extract costs, you won’t be able to do it for 25 bil.

You are right, i wont be able to do it for 25b. Like i said, it would cost me nothing…

I’m surprised you are still here, you should extract it yourself and get your 50b+ like you said, it takes no time.

yet again, no reading comprehension at all, why do you insist on telling me things i didn’t say as if i did?
and tell us how exactly you can build a 50m sp toon in one day without spending any isk, yet you lecture me about taxes and fees and extractor cost? somehow those costs don’t apply to you? ah, you’re special.

Yep i’m special, or i have been playing this game for too long…

But don’t be mad, you will loose a lot of ISK you injected into this character if you really want to sell it.

you missed the point, if you can do it without spending a single isk, as you said, then why are you wasting my time offering to spend 25 bil isk? thirsty much?

Since you are only “16 days old”, i can admit you are missing a lot of mechanics of the game, this is probably the reason of your ignorance.
I could teach you some things but unfortunatly it is way too late for me right now.

Good luck with the sell!

Don’t want to poke the bear or anything but what’re you expecting if not extraction value?

could you please go back and read the rules for selling a char… there is much info you are missing.

26b :slightly_smiling_face:

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