WTS - 283m SP - All Titans 5 - SOLD


2,9m Unallocated SP.
High-grade Amulet Set ( Worth 3B )
4 Titans All Level 5 ( Worth 24B )

BO 300 Bil.


Planing to sell, any price ideas?


Still thinking about selling it.

Its a lot less than what i’m willing to sell.

Around 350b i suppose.

grabs popcorn

Still for sale.

still for sale

he is trying to scam you to get under extraction value to make profit… don’t fall for it you can extract it yourself for 236b

Well i kind a realized that when i see him bidding for most of the chars here.

For sale.

270B, did you changed your BO price?

No, this was price check thread then i changed to wts. Didnt write anything below 300b.

Still for sale.

225B offer

as i own also two so high skilled chars you cannot compare this… its the same when you write how it took you ( just a number out of my mind) lets say 1,5trillion to reach that SP … just tell ur asking price and i remember a time where it was like 1mio SP = 1bil meaning all below 283bil is lowball… free bumb

I want 300 or more. If some one bids 300 and no one else bids in 2 3 days i’ll probably sell for that price.

Bidding 215b to char that can make 230b or more is just trolling or scamming, especially with skills like this.

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still for sale.

still for sale.