Selling myself 232.9M SP Titan Giant

I am for sale 232.9M plus SP pilot.

Not going to write much about me the skill set tells it all, check out the below link:
Password: 1234

Due to high number of questions I’ll post the following:
Mastery 5 Avatar pilot.
All CCP rules apply.
Toon is in Hi Sec.
Remap available.
No Kill Rights.
I will pay the transfer fees.

Additional information:
Sorry to all that bidded before but I had some RL stuff to fix.

Sale will end on Saturday 14th March 2020 at 00:00 eve time or if the buy out is reached.

The starting bid is 200B and the B/O at 300B.

Not often this kind of toon comes up on bazaar…

For any further information you can PM or convo me if I’m on line.

Good luck all.

210B offer. Nice toon.

If no one else bids or offers the B/O price by the sale end time its yours.

offer 220bil

Sqablez, you are currently the highest bidder. If no other bids come in before the stated sale end time the toon is yours. GL

Sale ends today at 00:00 eve time. Times running out so make that bid.


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No, the auction runs till midnight eve time.

And your offer is dumb…

The Buy Out is set at 300B I can’t change that.

So offer 300B and we deal now.

sry,I’m Wrong,I think it’s 22.5M sp,i have just 23B isk

If the current highest bidder pulls out I’ll match it.

OK 230B offer

Is the character still on sale?
240B offer



Still avalible.

260B offer

Shihariwoe Togenada Nice offer thx.

If no one else jumps in he’s yours.

Saturdays bump to the top…

Thx for letting me know hes back up.

270B offered.