Focused Avatar/Revelation Character 48m SP (+ Implants)

As said i am selling my precious Avatar pilot

It has ALL the races Titan + Carrier skillbooks injected already
Aswell as skills to pilot most ships in the game

-DD Operation 5
-DD Rapid firing 5
-Amarr Titan 5
-Jump Cal 5
-T2 Weapons
-Full Amulet set + 6% implants
-6 additional clones with full set; attributes modifers “improved”

Positive Wallet
No Killrights
1 Remap

Start: 55b

I am in no rush what so ever to sell, so lowballed offers will be ignored but ill thank you for the free bumps.


Can do 45b?


46b Bid

47b bid

50b bid


Getting there, lowered buyout. Bump!

51B is a good price

As i said, im in no rush and ill keep going until someone makes a good offer.


60b and its yours right now, if no ill keep going.


I know you have isk Treenewbee, your reputation is well known, 60b is nothing for u :wink:

57 bil?

60bil b/o

Accepted! Send isk and account details via ingame pm and ill let you know when transfer has started.

give me 10 mins

isk and account info sent