Perfect Avatar Pilot For Sale

Perfect Avatar pilot for sale
Amarr Titan 5
all gunnery skills 5
doomsday 5
all jump skills 5
all armor skills 5
all engineering skills 5

This character comes with a high grade slave pod
Rogue evasive maneuvering em-706
inherent implants squire capacitor managment em-806
eifiyr and co gunslinger surgical strike ss-906

this character has the following avatar skins:
Cold Iron
Glacial Drift
Purity of the throne

I am not desperate to sell this character nor do i need to do it. I am putting it out there in the off chance someone wants it more than me and is willing to pay a good price for it.

Discussions for buying this characters avatar can be handled if interested.



not looking for anything less than 75b. pod is worth 5b and the skins are worth another 4b

This auction will close on 7/21/2018 if an acceptable price hasnt been met by then the character will not be sold. good luck in your bids

70 BIL B/O the skins have no value to be i am afraid bud

Im sure they will have value to someone, i appreciate the offer all the same.

71 bil and I will take the avatar fully fitted as well ?

i would be willing to do a package deal of the character and the avatar for 160b the avatar+fit is roughly 90b here is an evepraisal it has 3 trimark armor pumps but the evepraisal shows 1. has estamels cloak and selyennes smartbomb emp smartbomb.

assets cannot be included in the cost of a character

Not included in the cost of the character, the character price is set, the avatars price is set, im combining both prices to make the package price.

Ok a will take the character for 70 bil we can do that transaction then contract me the avatar and fit for 90 so we’re not breaking any rules ?

yes that works

We have a deal then?

Sure shall I send the isk ?

if you would prefer to hold onto the isk until the avatar is contracted you can. Otherwise go ahead and send the isk. who shall i contract the avatar too, i will start the transfer once the contract is accepted

I’d prefer you sent the character first after all I don’t want to accept the contract for the avatar without owning a pilot that can actually fly it surely that makes sense to you ?

i messaged you in game

let me know when you can talk in game