42.9M SP Near perfect Avatar Pilot - 43B

Relisting this due to the inablity to edit out some things on my original post. also my buyer backed out again.

This is a fantastic toon with hundred of free skill books injected, has the ability to be the perfect main with time. If you purchased this toon and its skill books (titan ect) and injecters you would be paying upwards on market price of about 75-80Bisk. I will not go any lower then 43B. First person to claim the toon and send isk and account info gets him.

Skill Sheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kaldor_Reidenshi

Isk postive
no killrights
2 Reskills
located in Jita

Near Max Engineering
Near Max Armor Skills
Armor Rigging V
Amarr Titan V


Doomsday IV
Doomsday Rapid Firing IV
Capital Pulse Laser Spec IV
Controlled Bursts V
Rapid Firing V
Motion Prediction V
Sharpshooter V
Surgical Strike V
Trajectory Analysis V

Jump Portal IV
Jump Cal V
Fuel Cal IV
Infomorph V
Cybernetics V
Max Targeting Skills were they count
Not far off from a max booster
Capital Ships V
Amarr Interceptor

Will not hold the toon for you for more then a few hours, either have isk in or hand or find another toon to buy. several people have held up my prior sales this way.

bump! get a good deal fast and in time for that next big fight


Are you able to get the amulet pod into an npc station?

I am not able to, sorry


38bil offer

Bump! 43B. Get it for that next big fight. which is sure to come soon!

Bump! still for sale friends.



I would be willing to go 40B for you.

Sorry, purchased another character and don’t have enough isk for another one. Good luck with the sale.

all good friend! still for sale lowering price to 40B for anyone interested but no lower then that.


I’d be willing to offer 38b

40B is more then a fair price. Happy Halloween ^^

Alright, 40b is the offer then

sold to you then friend. send isk and account info.

isk sent + eve mailed the account name