WTS perfect Molok Pilot 89M SP

I am placing myself for sale. Perfect Avatar, Ragnarok Molok pilot. Pilot has positive sec status, no killrights and a positive wallet. Pilot can also fly Naglfar and Revelation. Some highlights of his skills are as follows:

Amarr Titan V
Minmatar Titan V
Doomsday Operation V
Rapid Doomsday Firing V
Capital Beam/Pulse Specialization V
Capital Artillary/Autocannon Specialization V
Amarr Dread V
Minmatar Dread V
T2 Siege

His skillboard can be found HERE PW: 1234

He has 2 clones both located in Jita. 1 armor titan pod and 1 shield titan pod.

And HERE is a screenshot of the skins that he has available.

2 bonus remaps available.

Price - 110b


dont forget to leave youre corp :wink:

He is in an NPC corp. https://evewho.com/character/2113207443

than api was slow once mroe it happends :slight_smile: was just a friendly reminder nothing else :wink:

Yeah, I didn’t hit the update on the skillboard. Anyways, daily bump.




Merry Christmas, Bump.




I am interested in this, but still waiting for a molok

Cant see anything on the eveskillboard with the link you provide

No thank you.

Not looking to firesale so it may still be here.

The password is 1234. I checked it and is working for me.

Hey, how about 95b?

100B offer