WTS 57M SP Ragnarok 5 and Revelation pilot (SOLD, please close)

I would like to sell myself.

  • Minmatar Titan 5
  • Gunnery support skills lvl 5
  • Doomsday operation 4
  • Revelation 5 / Naglfar 4
  • T2 Siege
  • Thermodynamics 5
  • Most engineering skills 5
  • JDC 5 / JFC 5
  • +5 Training implants
  • 2 bonus remaps + annual remaining
  • Clean killboard

Comes with skins for Revelation (Expoplanets, Kador) and Naglfar (Tronhadar).

Can also fly Sabre and Claw/Stiletto.

Check out Eveskillboard (PW: 666)

Wallet is not negative, has no kill rights, located in Jita (clones too).

Starting bid: 50b ISK


Another bump!

35 bil

More bumping.



Another bump!

I want it 51b
I 'll be good to her


More bumps!

52b bid.

Accepted ingame offer. Character will be transferred now.

Is this character been sold yet?

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