42.4M SP Dedicated Avatar Pilot - 58B

58B B/O

Isk postive
no killrights
2 Reskills
located in Jita
Has several Clones

A very focused and dedicated titan pilot. can be put into a Rev easy enough, good base for a future main.

Skill Sheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kaldor_Reidenshi

Near Max Engineering
Near Max Armor Skills
Armor Rigging V
Amarr Titan V


Doomsday IV
Doomsday Rapid Firing IV
Capital Pulse Laser Spec IV
Controlled Bursts V
Rapid Firing V
Motion Prediction V
Sharpshooter V
Surgical Strike V
Trajectory Analysis V


Jump Cal V
Fuel Cal IV
Infomorph V
Cybernetics V
Max Targeting Skills were they count
Not far off from a max booster
Capital Ships V
Amarr Interceptor

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That is an unacceptable offer. The titan Skillbook is worth about 10B alone. the toon is priced to sell and it has every subcap and many cap skills injected. it prob has just about every combat skill injected and possible to skill into whatever you like. I will take 54B, No less then this price.

This is a starting bid… The titan skill book is 6 bil, expecting to get 1b+ per mil skill points is unrealistic, 54B may be the price you want however nobody has bidded over my 38… theres a reason for that, give it some more time to see if there is interest but you should lower your expectations somewhat.

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was unclear if it was your best offer, wow only 6 I swear I thought it was 10… Fair enough. 49B will be my lowest then. thank you for the input. Also the Character bazarr is dead these years. used to be much larger buyer base.

since skill extractors the average price of characters has decreased alot… have a look at what similar tritan characters are going for, you will see its around the 40b mark for this level of sp… keep it up for a while and see if there is interest

I can offer 42 to come halfway

Id sell it to you for 45B if your willing to go up a bit.

43Bil Offer available till I close on a char.

42bil offer.
Believe @Lupo_lupindise and @AzTek have now purchased other titan characters.

for how much @AzTek has paid for his current I feel confident at 45B. No lower No more then that ^^

I must cut in.

To be fair, me and the other bidder went above and beyond in a bidding war for that toon. I paid many many bil above it’s worth.

Also that character had full amulet set, another titan skill book and a few more SP :slight_smile:

But I’ve got a nice super account now instead so good luck with the sale :slight_smile:

Bump, much thanks for the input friends. also he has an amulet set in goonspace if you can get out or in. also he has almost every skill you can think of injected related to combat so you can easily train or inject whatever you like with no added isk costs for skills


Reminder to update your title - you’re probably scaring most buyers off of even looking by having your price 16bn above it’s SP.

I would but I cant edit the post ? any idea why I cant

Just noticed I can’t on my old ones either - I’d probably suggest making a new post in 24hrs (dont do it now, it’ll get locked under bumping rules). It’ll clear out the comment history too which won’t hurt.