WTS 33.2m SP Focused Nyx Char + Titan Books

33.257m SP / 750k Unallocated

Password: 1234

Perfect Nyx Pilot with Fighters V
Gallente Carrier V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Amarr Titan Book
Gallente Titan Book
Can fly Avatar/Erebus
Positive Wallet / No Killrights / Positive Sec Status / Location Perimeter

Pod with High Grade Amulet Set.
Has Bonus Avatar Skins as well Purity of the Throne + Khanid

b/o 45b

35B offer

Looking for a bit more

37bil offer

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

to the top b/o 42.5b now

I can go upto 38bil?

Looking for more like 40b+

Fair enough, my offer still stands for now until I find a suitable character.

Currently extraction cost + Sell value of both Titan books + Sell value of pod = ~ 37bil. Hence my offer :slight_smile:

to the top

still for sale

to the top


to the top

Still offering 38bil :slight_smile:

ok listen. 40b and you got it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d meet in the middle at 39bil :slight_smile:

I used this char for sp farm for a while and just extracted the other useless skills. Cannot update the post anymore tho seems bugged so please overlook the Skillboard again and confirm everything is still there u wanted and I will do 39b.