SOLD WTS Nyx/Hel Pilot 54mil SP

Selling char Michael22 Belvar - EveSkillBoard

  • No-kill rights
  • Positive wallet
  • In NPC corp
  • No Jump Clones

Galente Carrier - V
Minmatar Carrier - IV
Cybernetics - V
Light Fighters - V
Heavy Fighters - IV
Heavy drones - V

Great to do super ratting with Nyx or Hel
Can use also Ishtars

B/O: 45B

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40 bil

45 and it’s yours

45 is way too high. i’m welling to do a maximum of 41 bil though. anything higher than that, i’ll pass.

OK. Please send the details for the transfer.

i just check the eve board link you provided and it linked to this character “michael22 Belvar”. are you selling that character or yourself? if you are selling “michael22 Belvar”, you need to post with him confirming that he is for sale. I will send isk as soon as you clarify this.

and by the way, “michael22 Belvar” only have 54.6mil SP but you posted that you are selling a 56mil SP.

Yes the character is mine. Is an alt on my account. as for the skills you are right… has 54,664,652 SP.
EDIT: and its for sale

so you are confirming that you are selling " michael22 Belvar" right?

In that case, my offer will be 39 bil.

Your last offer was 41.

Starting bid was at 45 btw.

And the link with the skills was first to be accessed.

In this case either you keep your last offer or have to decline.

i will decline. i assumed your character had 56 mil SP as advertised. you should fix your post to accurately reflect the pilot on sale.

toon still for sale

daily bump

Updated the price

my previous offer of 39 bil is still open if you want to proceed


OK. Please send the account details and the isk. I will initiate the transfer

Do you pay for the transfer?20 dollars

yes. i will pay the transfer

Which role should I transfer the isk to

Can I use Large Skill Injector instead?Each 7.8