WTS Hel/Nyx Pilot 42mil SP

Great Nyx/Hel Pilot.

42mil SP
Minmatar & Gallente Carrier lvl 5
Heavy Fighters lvl 5
JDC lvl 5
Amarr Carrier also trained to lvl 4

Can also fly FAX just needs to train Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration for T2 Triage

Located in Highsec Station (Chaven)
Positive Wallet
Zero Killrights
Neural remap available
Character in NPC Corp

pw: 1234

Start Bid: 35bil
Buyout: 40bil

35b bid

38b and it is yours !

I’ll accept. I’ll send the isk and account info once you confirm

Confirm I accept your offer of 38bil :slight_smile:

Send isk and account info and i will start transfer ASAP

Isk and account name sent

Isk and Account info received

Transfer started, please confirm you received the confirmation email !

I have received the confirmation email. Thank you!

Enjoy Her :slight_smile:

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