WTS Nyx/Hel Carrier pilot - 52.6M SP

WTS Nyx & Hel pilot i.e. me!

Skills are here - [EveSkillboard)
PW = billy123

Able to fly Nyx/Thanatos/Hel/Niddy or Vendetta
Gallente carrier 5
Mim carrier 5
Light Fighters 5
Heavy Fighters 5
Shield & armour tank skills 5

Can also fly Inty or Covops for travelling about

Comes in a High Grade Amulet pod with EM-705 - EM-805 - HG-1005 support implants located in Perimeter.
Will have +ve wallet & 2 bonus remaps, no kill rights.

Looking for bids circa 40B+

28.5 bill

I can offer 28 Bil.

both bids so far are too low for a serious super pilot, will keep the thread going

I can do 35b

i’ll accept the 35 bill from Wolf

payment received, thank you, transfer is initiated.

char received, thank you very much

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