WTS 47.6M SP Super Focused Hel/Nyx Pilot

All CCP rules apply.
Positive status
Positive wallet
NPC Corp
Located in hi sek

Character has high priced Hel skins:



BO 48B

45BIL Can you accept this price?

I can do 46b. I’m on for the next hour.

I will let it go for 48B


UP and away

Retracting all previous bids

Bump 48B BO

Up Up and away

38 bil.

If you meant 48 then I can do 48 but if you actually meant 38 then thx for the bump.

48b B/O can send isk and acc info in morning. keep it for me

I will be home afternoon USTZ and will start the transfer once isk and acc info is received.

ISK and account info sent

ISK received.
I’ll start the transfer later tonight and will post here after it’s done.

I hope everything is OK

Is there a reason why you still didn’t start the transfer ?

Yeah I told you yesterday I will do it afternoon USTZ right?
Now it is late afternoon USTZ and I just started the transfer :slight_smile:

Received the character.


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