WTS: Perfect Hel Pilot

Hello everyone, Putting this Char up for sale.

SP - 66,028,435
250k Unallocated Skill Points
High Grade Asklepian Set
Multiple Hel Skins
Sec Status will be zeroed out as well as corp dropped in the next 24 hours before transfer is started and moved to a low sec system
Positive Wallet

Starting Bid 55b
B/O - 65B


56 deal ?

hmm give it a little more time was trying to get a little higher then that.

Bump it up

To The Top

buy me :smiley:

Do i get a discount after buying your nyx?

ill do 60b b/o for ya

That’s not a discount :frowning: Disappointed in you! Shame!

was 5b off my goal lol.

to the top… few more days then this weekend ill strip skills and biomass

Stripping would be a shame. Don’t do that

I’ll give you 60bil cause I don’t want you to do that

(dances) happy times. lol


i will wait on the payment, move the char over to high sec and make sure he is all cleared on sec status and wallet will be positive.

Just waiting for confirmation of accepted offer of 60bil. I’ll then send isk after said is done, when I get done with work. :slight_smile:

Please confirm my offer of 60 Bil within next 2.5 hours. I’ll be leaving for work here in 3 hours. Won’t be able to transfer isk if accepted again for another 16 hours after that.

Offer withdrawn

sorry wed-friday i work 41 hours so i wasnt around at all. let me know if you’re interested, ill be around for the weekend.

Ok last time I’m offering 60 bil. Take or leave.