[WTS] Nyx/Hel Pilot w/ 15b in Assets - 40.5m SP

Selling supercapital and multi-race PvP pilot,


Variety of level 5 skills and high spaceship command skills. Comes with 70+ ships, including fit Thanatos, Moros, Nightmare x2, Vindicator x2, Leshak, HIC’s, HAC’s, and faction ships. Comes with 450+ mods/fuels/ammo - valuing all at 15b worth of assets.

Has HG Slave clone w/ Omega, +5 clone and HG Ascendancy clone w/o omega. Net worth currently stands at 40b. Has remap, and two bonus remaps available.

Sec status is -7.8.

Start bidding at 45b, B/O of 55b

Please reply in thread, as I cannot check EVE Mail. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well. you should confirm selling from this pilots name and it should be in npc corp.
Also pilots cant be sold with stuff, only char and implants/skins.
However, will give you 45b without stuff.
You can mail me later and we can have a deal about stuff too.

No problem. I’m happy with 45b. I’ll transfer assets, and if you’re interested, we can discuss that later.

Ok, after you confirm selling from this pilot and leave from your corp, i will transfer isk and send transfer info.

This feels scammy js

Confirmed - am selling this pilot. I won’t be able to start transfer until Wednesday night however. I’ll drop from corp tonight, but only send ISK on Wednesday night when I can start transfer. :slight_smile:

Not a scam btw Cnda Adian.

Could you also move pod`s with slave and ascendancy to an npc station?

Can do. :slight_smile:

can’t scam on character bazaar anyways

Confirm ISK sent and I will initiate transfer. :slight_smile:

Isk and acc info sent.

Transfer initiated. :slight_smile:

Transfer complete.

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