38m SP Hel/Nyx, Nid/Thanny Pilot, Prowler Pilot

Hello there! I am for sale! I have a great name for a mainly-capital pilot, I can fly Minmatar transport ships, Gallente and Minmatar carriers and supercarriers, and Amarrian slave transports/freighters. I’m an hour away from being able to fly an Ark and I already have jump drive calibration trained to 5, as well as being a few days away from Capital Ships 5.

I’m looking for around 34 Billion ISK (38 billion buyout) to come home with you, though that price might be negotiable depending on if you have a swaggy palace I can live in.


Location: Jita 4/4
Sec Status: Positive
Implants: +3’s
Skins: None
Wallet: Positive


  • 3 days away from Capital Ships 5,
  • Fighters 5, Heavy/Support/Light fighter skills to 4, fighter support skills to 5
  • JDC 5, Minmatar/Gallente Carrier 4
  • Minmatar Industrial Ships 5, Transport ships trained as well so you can smuggle modules to your low-sec JF ganking Nyx, though I’m also only a couple days away from being able to fly an Ark.
  • I have a lot of skillbooks already injected if you want to train me into other things.

If you decide to buy me, ISK will go to my former master, his name is Reneden and he treated me real well.

I would give you 32b to adopt this orphan , and home her in our keepstar with pent house suite


Sorry to get back to you so late - 32b is acceptable! If that works for you please transfer the ISK to me and send me a message with the account you’d like me transferred to! As soon as the ISK is received I’ll initiate the character transfer from my end!

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I’d like to bid 33B. If you agree, I need several hours to deal with it, because I’m still at work.

I can trade now.

Hey Bengda! Your bid is accepted since I haven’t heard from Wilson, send ISK and the account name you’d like the character transferred to, and I’ll start the transfer.

Excuse me, which role to transfer to, can you tell me the ID, my first trading role. I use the translation software, sorry.

Ah sorry yes! Send it to the role does-this make-me look-fat and send me a mail with your account name so CCP knows who to transfer the account to!

ISK paid

Payment received, putting in the transfer ticket now! Thanks!

Transfer success, happy cooperation

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