WTS 29.6M SP NYX and Hel pilot! Perfect Skill and No Wasted

Sale myself:

This is a Professional NYX character .
Located in Jita 4-4 Station

Bids start at: 30 Billion ISK
Buy Out: 40 Billion ISK

The auction will last for a week

Bump Bump

It’s too expensive!!!

27b bid


waitting more higher price!

I know the profit margin from trying to liquidate skill points from my primary Nyx character,
and I was pissed off when the character posting on here was flooded with crappy made up values.
After dealing with the cost of the extractors versus the payout from selling the injectors I decided to also show the clean history of the character to prove the value that goes beyond just injectors on market.

After 2 years of watching this periodically on here I think you should take the 28 before you regret letting this expire, especially considering the missing skill sets related to the bomber drones.

Thank your for your suggest. I can waitting…:slight_smile:

28.5 bil

29 bil

31b isk ready now for transfer.

ok,send ISK and Emali to my characror. I will transfe to you.

ISK and evemail sent. Please confirm that you have begun transfer.

Yes! I have Received the ISK and Email.

Please! Confirm your Transfer to account. When you Confirm, I will transfer to you.

OK! The charactor has been transfer. You can reach the Emali from the CCP.:slight_smile:

Received. Thank you

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