WTS 29.7M SP NYX/Hel pilot! PERFECT Skill + NO WASTED

I am confirming I am for sale:
pass world:w123456

This is a Professional NYX character .
Located in Jita 4-4 Station

Bids start at: 28 Billion ISK
Buy Out: 35 Billion ISK

Thank You for Looking,

28 Bil Ready would like to buy it now

Thank you! I will wait one weeke . If there is no higher price.I will sell this pilot to you.

29bil. 30bil if you sell in the next 24hours.

30b for the week


I can sell it in the next 24hour. but I want a higher price.Can you Raise the price?

31.5 bil ? if u do right now.

32BIL.I transfer the Role now,OK?

done. will send mail and isk. logging in rn

ok! When I Received ISK and email,I will transfer the pilot to you.

I was in the game now.Waitting your mail and ISK. :slight_smile:

mail sent

OK! I have Received your ISK and Email.please contact to in the game

mail sent

please confirm when character has been sent

ok! I was doing now.

The character has been transfer toyou.I cannt come into the game.so I cannt send you Email in the game.
This is ccp Email.
You have chosen to transfer the character XiaoqingLi mylover to the account named Avlcii.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.
Thank you. Your PayPal account was billed on: Tue, 07 Aug 2018 07:38:57 GMT, in the amount of 20.00 USD.

Account: ***************
Payment ID: 40749384

1 x EVE Character transfer @ 20.00 USD = 20.00 USD

TOTAL = 20.00 USD

Please include the above with any correspondence.

has been received, thank you very much.

thank you!:slight_smile: