WTB Nyx/Hel Focused Pilot

like the Topic says, looking for a Focused Gallente/Minmatar Carrier/Super Pilot.
Around 40 - 50 mil SP
Female prefered

I gotchu fam. think ive got what you want. send me a message in game and ill link you the skills/details

did you get one already?

I have just extracted skills from this toon and left super skills and drones… Not female tho.

let me know if you are still looking

still on it, so feel free to give me the details

well there is a slight issue eveboard refuses to updated to show all extracted skills

it has 36 mil sp left, Both carrier 4’s and jump skills at 5. Fighter skills as per board.

Dont know what else to do to get eveboard to update

uhm tricky since eveboard isnt updating would want to see all the skills that actually are trained

eveskillboard.com will show your recent skills, I guarantee it (assuming SSO works with the DDOS issues)

And suspicion levels rise again.



thats my answer to this… sorry for post like this

Was in reference to this:

I am gonna have to explain again :slight_smile:

toon did not sell, I pulled skills and trying to sell again… but eve board is not working.

thanks for making the effort of the screenshots.

but not interested in him.


has other skills but is still a solid nyx pilot, already has HG slave (mid grade omega) set

looking for a little more SP Focused around nyx / hel but ty

@Chuck_Isu Gave you an in-game offer.


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still looking for a char


33b for Lena