WTS 105m SP Super/JF/Dread/FAX pilot

WTS 105 mil SP toon.

Positive wallet. In jita currently.
Has Mid grade Nomads in Jita and full set of improved Implants.
Positive sec status.
Negative concord standing.
Can pull L5 gallente missions but not to faction standing 7 yet.

Can fly NYX or HEL, JF, and other shenanigans. http://eveboard.com/pilot/D3adly_B0n3s

Did simple maths and I can either sell it like this or strip SP and make it specialised super pilot. Will start like this for now.

100 bil starting bid.

Free bump ‘cause your toon has “Positive sex status” :joy:

daily bump

80 B !!

Round 2? WTS 105 ml sp sub pilot

Seems as though his character may be the the brother of this one, who turned out to be a scam:

That seems to be a scam post. my name is spelled with ZERO in B0n3s where in that post its spelled with letter O.

A+ for effort, you’re more valiant then you were last night.

Look at that post and compare the names please. that is not me.

Very interesting turn of events comparing your 2 posts. Yours was created first, the supposed scammer was created a couple hours later with a similar name and almost identical picture. The 2nd post linked your Eveboard which was a risky move assuming I spelled the name correctly to send the isk which wouldn’t have gone to him.

Thanks for actually taking time to look into this. Anyway as you can see his post was closed.

Still open for offers :slight_smile:

82B online now

Sorry I am looking for round about 100 bil. no point of selling under extraction value

Even considering extraction value, its sill a bit high, but anyway gl with sales

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I will keep this going till Sunday evening.

Expecting 95 bil, will start extracting if no one is interested.

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@D3adly_B0n3s can you provide the password to your EveBoard please now that you’ve extracted skills?

Password is 252525 but for some reason It still shows all skills…

It’s left with 36mil concentrated NYX HEL pilot, hopefully eve board will pull new stats soon

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I will offer 36 bil but waiting on EVE Board to update first to make sure. Nothing personal against you just gotta be careful :blush: