WTS 56.1 mil SP Advanced Amarr FAX Pilot

56.184 mil SP (eveskillboard did not refresh yet to reflect this) Advanced Amarr FAX Pilot.

password: 123

All advanced Apostle FAX level 5 skills are completed including Amarr Carrier V

Has 750,000 unallocated skill points
Yearly Remap: 1
Bonus Remaps: 1

Positive wallet. No kill rights.

Character is located in Jita with +5 implants. Jump clone with mid-grade Slave implants also available in the Goon space.

Starting bid: 35B

40 bil

45 bil

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46 bil
what do you have in mind for a buyout?

I will let it go for 50b

50 bill buyout isk ready.
but will you be doing the transfer with a credit card? (quicker then ticket)

51 billion isk right here, can send ISK immediately

I accept 51 BO from Titan Fires. I will pay transfer fees and initiate a transfer aster ISK is received.

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53 bil

Isk sent and account info sent

ISK received. Initiating transfer.

Dude, just curious, why are you doing this? Are you just jealous that people have lost of ISK or something?

Trolls will be trolls, I will post when I get confirmation. Tyvm for your time and great doing business with you.