[SOLD] 48m Fantastic Apostle/FAX pilot


Amarr Carrier V
Target Management V / Adv Target Management IV
All Capital Armor Tanking Skills V
All Capital Logi Related Skills V
Jump Drive Cal V
Tactical Logistics Reconfig V

Positive wallet balance
Positive security status
No kill rights
Currently located in R1O-GN NullSec but has jump clone in Jita
NPC Corp

SB: 30b

Sorry SB is 30b

i can offer 30b for the toon right now


ISK has been returned to the character that sent it.
SB means starting bid. It does not mean the seller will accept that price, just that the SB is the price they want to start the auction at/the minimum they’d consider

You need to wait for the seller to accept your bid before sending isk.

@Enou_Crendraven has outbid you at the moment so I’ll wait a couple days to see if further bids come in before closing

Okay, I’m sorry. I thought it meant buyout.
So 32.5b

Maybe you need to indicate your buyout price.

33 Bil

I offer 35b.

I don’t have a buyout price as I’m not in a particularly urgent rush to sell the character.
I’ll wait until a couple days have gone by without the current highest bidder being outbid and will accept their bid

Thank you
35b current highest bid

Can you accept 35b? Because I’m currently planning some of my roles.

I will decide some of my role arrangements between armor fax and shield.

I’d prefer not to accept 35b without waiting to see if further bids come in first I’m afraid.
I’d be happy to do 40b straight away though

I would like to offer 36b isk

I would like to offer 38b isk

I can offer 38.5b

If no further bids are received before 00:00 I’ll accept this bid thank you

Can I pay you now? Because I need to sleep in three hours.
I will wait for your reply until I go to bed.

Yes 38.5b bid accepted.
Please send ISK and account to transfer to