WTS Perfect Apostle (FAX) pilot - 40.5m SP

All character sales will be done following CCP/forum rules.
ISK will be received by the character being sold.
I’ll pay transfer fees. Please don’t message the character, send your offers here.

B/O - 30 B - open to (non-stupid) offers

Wallet balance - Positive
Kill rights - None
Jump clones - One
Character location - Low-sec
Implant sets - HG Amulet w/ 5% HWs
Skins - https://i.imgur.com/0tMklSG.png

id offer 25b.

Bring that up 5B and we can talk.


Although I don’t know why your character does not have attack skills, the purely calculated price is 25~26, I am willing to provide 27

It’s a FAX alt, it’s there to heal damage not deal it

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Does the role still exist?

I’d offer 26