WTS this perfect supercarrier pilot, also perfect fax & carrier pilot.

126m SP Mastery level 5 for all supercarriers, carriers & faxes.
No kill rights
Positive ISK wallet
Sitting in Jita 4-4 in a +4 learning clone.
No other clones
SkillQ Character link

Skins Include: Dos Rouvenor’s Bequest, Kopis Edge & Serpentis for Nyx
Imperial Jubilee for Apostle & various other carrier & fax skins.

Bids start @ 80B
Buyout = 110B

Good luck!


93 bil


96 bil

97B Offer






110b bid is leading the way. The buyout has now been lowered to 130B.

Looking to get this wrapped up by the weekend, 110b is still the highest bid.

Buy out is now lowered to 120B

Highest bid is currently 97b.

Updated to reflect the correct price, my apologies.

With the Competition dropping out I have reduced my offer to 97 B, which is still the highest offer at this time.

how to get yourself -13B cause of greed lol, but i’ll keep watching it just for a memes

well there is no reason for me to outbid myself. if the competition wants to comeback they are welcome to.

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nah, I’m good, let this guy get his extraction price :slight_smile:

Current bid is still 97b.

98b if done right now