WTB carrier/super pilot

Searching for carrier/super pilot , mainly will be used for ratting.

Still searching online now



My toon is for sale atm but if Noone wants to buy it as it is I can pull sp and leave only the skills you require. I will be looking 1 bil for 1 mil sp plus 3 bil.

i like your toon
how much?

Still looking


I am searching for someone with a bit higher sp , but thanks

10b for KingTone if still for sale.

Vagos I am selling myself 36milsp concentrated NYx and hel

EVEBoard link?

well there is a slight issue eveboard refuses to updated to show all extracted skills

it has 36 mil sp left, Both carrier 4’s and jump skills at 5. Fighter skills as per board.

Dont know what else to do to get eveboard to update

I can offer 40 billion isk

40 bil is acceptable

I have stripped all the unnecessary skills for subcaps. gunnery and missiles gone. I dont know how I can show you exactly what I have left as eve board is just not pulling new api.

The toon still has +5’s and mid grade nomads.

if this is acceptable we can carry on with transaction.


Yes this is acceptable. Sorry for my late reply. Because of the DDOS attack there have been delays.

I will send the 40 billion isk now for your character D3adly B0n3s.

there are two people interested in this toon on 2 forum posts. whoever buys it first I will transfer the toon to them

for sale

hm for KingTone

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