WTB Nyx pilot / ideally 30-50mill sp max

Focus Nyx preferred.
Leadership skills are bonus.
Please say what jumpclones it has and SKINS for the Nyx.
Not in a hurry though, I can wait for a decent toon.
Please include price tag.

Still looking ! Playing well.

bumpy bump

How much for this toon:

No JC’s or skins at the moment.

Thanks, I have looked at it, its a bit crosstrained.
I am really looking for JDC V, Gal Carrier V, Heavy Fighters V.
I might get back to you in the future

I’m looking for 45b. just needs carrier 5. Also has cyno ships.

Docked Jita
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
4 Remaps

Carrier 5
Fighters 5
Heavy Fighters 5


pw : 12345
min carrier V, gal carrier V, also sin pilot, can do JF too
6b clone
no worthy skins

price 67b

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alexander_Varlamoff pass is 123456, has super pod ready, JDC V, Gal Carrier V, also has the titan skills as well if you ever wanted to train and upgrade. Will sell for 65-70. All fighter specs at IV

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