WTS - Perfect Nyx, Hel or Vendetta pilot. 71m SP

(Tiara Hotspur) #1

As the subject says, I’m selling my alt which has been sculpted to be a perfect Nyx, Hel or Vendetta pilot.

EveBoard link - http://eveboard.com/pilot/tiara_hotspur

The character has maxed drone skills where needed, but also has Jump freighter IV & Caldari Freighter V, so is perfect as a hauling alt as well.
Can also fly a Stiletto, useful for getting from A to B.

Skill Highlights
Gallente Carrier V
Minnie Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Fighter Hangar Management V
Support Fighters V
Drone Durability / Navigation / etc etc V
Cap Ships V
Cybernetics V
Nanite Interfacting and Operation V
Thermodynamics V
Resistance Phasing V
The list goes on

Maxed Armor and Shield Tanking skills.
Comes with Full mid-grade nomad set. https://i.imgur.com/vFPyjSy.png
Neural remap available 2018.02.04
No killrights
Positive wallet
Positive Sec-status

Price - 75b

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #2


(Tiara Hotspur) #3

B/O accepted - will send the toon once isk & account name have been received

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #4

ISK and account name sent.

(Tiara Hotspur) #5

Isk and account rcv’d. Transfer initiated.

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #6

/o/ ty ty

(system) #7

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