WTB nyx or hel pilot

Wtb nyx or hel focused pilot with t2 fighter skills … Doesnt have to be very high sp

Posting to post :slight_smile:

Damn you doooc …

I was saying the same thing about you when you did me dirty.

Wts hel/wyvern character. 60 bil. You let me know if interested in mail :slight_smile:


let me know

u know i didnt do u dirtay. . u took it the wrong way… im transferring u ceo

im poorish man… i only have about 40b to my name

depends what u asking for

i can do about 38b

check me

make it 40 , n she can b yours

Price-check,19m SP Nidhoggur/Hel polot:

done - send iskies

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