WTB Focesed Hel or Nyx pilot

I want bay perfect focused hel or nyx pilot. Budget for bay 50-60 billions.

Profile skills should look like this :

Capital Ships - 5
Minmatar | Gallente Carrier - 5
Fighters - 5
Light Fighters - 5
Heavy Fighters - 5
Fighter Hangar Management - 5
Fuel Conservation - 5
Jump Drive Calibration - 5
Jump Drive Operation - 5
Jump Fuel Conservation - 5

Nyx/hel/naglfar pilot for sale

Sorry, but your character does not suit me because he doesn’t have all the skills I have listed in 5.

Not all required skill at 5, but hard to find your requirements, that’s why I link myself.


Characters with less pumping than I indicated above do not need me to offer, I will not buy them anyway. The price tag above can also be considered.


Make me an offer.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Treymora Pass 1234

I have one similar to what you are looking for:

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