WTS Focused Nyx Pilot

WTS Very Focused Nyx Pilot

ZERO wast skills

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Brick_Sledge_Hammer password: 1234

Gallente Carrier lvl 5
Fighters lvl 5
T2 Heavy Fighters
T2 Light Fighters
T2 Support Fighters
Perfect Passive Armor Tank
Burst Projector
Jump Drive Calibration lvl 5
All required Core skills lvl 5
Interceptor trained for fast travel

! Top Slave Set https://evepraisal.com/a/m4tw1 3 Billion isk
! Top Nomad Set https://evepraisal.com/a/m4tvy 2.5 Billion isk
! Top “Headhunter” SKIN for Nyx 3 Billion isk

BO 40 Billion isk

All CCP rules applied.
All clones at High Secs & Low Sect.
Positive SS
Positive isk Balance
I will pay transfere FEE

sorry,cancel offer

Please send isk and account name by eve-mail & I will start transfere.

21 bil

I’ll offer 27b


Ok, may be you change your mind later.

29B I can send the isk tonight


Will be retracted if not accepted within 24 hours.

35b isk

Very focused NYX with 2 required top sets of implants awaiting new owner.


36B offer


Close to BO.

Bid retracted. Found a carrier pilot Here.

Sorry Friend! :ok_hand:


Character for sell

37b isk

37.5 billions