WTS Focused Nyx Pilot





@Replicon BO accepted.
Please send isk and account name for transfer & confirm on forume.

Isk not yet received & no any mail, convo received. Sell in progress. BO 40 Bill.

still selling?

how about 35b?

40 Billion BO

36bill ok?

This is very focused Nyx pilot with 2 top implants set required for passive armor tanking & fast warp out.

37billlion…if you agree i will send isk

Its noob char. Focused? Very Focused? :smiley: 30mil sp. LOL!

Fighter Hangar Management - 4
Heavy Fighters - 4
Light Fighters - 4
Capital Ships - 4

Where focused abot youre say? :smiley:

I give you for him 30bil.

@Victoria_Dream good luck!

@Victoria_Dream You reported as scammer Private Sale You put 5 bids from 37.5 to 40 Bill and not contact me. Hope you will be banned.

You can tell anything here, carry all sorts of nonsense according to the type of focus of your nyx pilot. I don `t care. I bet and did not buy because I changed my mind. Betting is not prohibited. But you write a fierce game and ask for a lot of money for your underdeveloped inferior character. I hope no one will buy it from you.

37.5 B
I can pay you within 2 hours if you accept my deal


38 B
I can pay you within 2 hours if you accept my deal

Do you want 40B?