WTS Very Focused NYX Char

Hi All!

Up for sale is this focused NYX character!
Simple name
Clean Corp History
0.0 Sec
located in highsec

PW: 1234

Notable Skills:

  • Gal Carrier V
  • Fighters V
  • JDC V

Any questions please let me know!

Extraction price offers will kindly be considered free bumps!

As rules state please also provide a Eve Skillboard Link

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sifon his password is 1234, guessed it after like 5 tries :slight_smile:

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My apologies. will update.

20b offer :slight_smile:

bump for a good char

What price are you looking for, I want to buy a cap pilot and this is my first time!

Right now 40B. Also Bump.


40.B… lol

everyone have a good 4th! Bump!

Hi there quick question, what would be the extraction price of this character, so i would know what ballpark we are working with. Is it like the number of extractable injectors * (injector minus extractor cost)?
Want to buy a carrier character sometime soon

Alexa Koschinov 18.84 Bill after taxes.

Thank you :slight_smile: Do you sell characters as well or just buy them

yup but not throw this character.

Add me on discord if you want to discuss price for characters. Both OP and WTB if possible

up top!

Lets find this guy a home!

Offering 21bil, 2 bil above extractor price


(in the event the above bidder backs out)