WTS Perfect Nyx Pilot

I am selling myself.

No current kill rights.

No Corp (Ignore the character sheet, still updating) and am High Sec awaiting you to take control.

I have a positive wallet.

I can fly a Nyx

Gallente Carrier V, Heavy Fighters V, Light Fighters V, JDC V

Password: 1234

Good implant sets!

Starting bid 35b, Buyout hidden

Auction will run until 26/01 or until the hidden B/O has been met

I will pay the transfer fee!

37 billion.

I will give you 44b. I’m being straight to the point here, not lowballing, I’ve been looking for this character for a few days now because I don’t have a main so I’m giving you a clean offer up front, none of this .5b lowball bs.

I have isk ready and would love to have him on my account tonight. Please respond here soon so that I get a noti on my desktop. Thanks!

37.5 bil

I bid 2B above the starting bid price :frowning: wasn’t doing ".5b lawball bs’

Me sad.

Oh no I didn’t mean like that, I apologize, I just meant that I’m not going to offer anything low and do the .5 stuff like I would on any other character.

I’m desperate for a main and just want to buy it, lol. Sorry, no intention to offend. 44b still stands as originally offered.

OP: I am looking for a character soon. There may be one or two people out there willing to bid slightly higher than me that will come along over the next few days until the 26th, but I raised the bar much quicker than normal. If you’re willing to do business please reply here ASAP. Thank you.

No worries, wasn’t offended :slight_smile:

OP: 44 is a good offer, I would take it.

Make that 48b and you got yourself a deal!

I can do 45.5b right now, more is a bit of a stretch. Would that work for you?

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Accepted 45.5b, please send ISK & account name to Donni

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I love happy endings :sob:


Sending isk and account info now.

Thanks Perpetualed, I’ve been looking for a main for a while now so this is a nice change!

ISK & Account info recieved, ticket submitted to CCP to have them transfer the character for the cost of 1000 PLEX.

I will update the thread as soon as I get a ticket response from CCP!

That will probably take a couple of days overall from what I’ve heard lately. No worries, just keep me updated. Thanks!

Will do!

Any luck from CCP yet? Just checked account, but wondering if you’ve heard anything.

No reply to the ticket yet! Will update as soon as I hear anything!

Just received a reply that the character has now been transferred!

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