WTS 68.5m Focused Nyx pilot

I am for sale. Nihie Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

68,495,725 mill sp
3,068,416 mill unallocated sp

Intaki Syndicate Nyx Skin Active!

Clone 1
Full set of +5 (currently plugged in)

Clone 2 Located in Aeschee
Mid-grade Nomad set (all 6)

Clone 3 Located in Uosusuokko
High-grade Amulet set (all 6)

Positive balance
Located in Osoggur
All ccp rules apply.

Starting at 60b

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52Bil isk ready to go.
The reputation with gal and min being kill on site is a bit of a sad state.

60b offering

Easily fixable with diplomacy skill. Its not trained it seems. Diplo to 3 would fix the kos for gal and min space None of the social skills are actually

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62b offer

65B offer

66b offer

68B offer

70b offer

Closing this sale in 24hrs 70b is highest bidder.

72B offer

72b Highest Bid. This sale will close at 8pm GMT

Isk ready and pls let me know I can transfer to you

Please send ISK and account info.

Please note i do not get on as frequently as i used to but will send as soon as i see the isk and account name

Hi, ISK transferred and account info sent already. Awaiting yrs

Character transfer initiated

Character received! Thx! Fly safe!

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