WTS: Perfect Nyx Pilot

I am selling this toon.

pw: 1234

Skillpoint - 60.5 million with 271,880 unallocated
multiple skins
high grade slave set
positive wallet
will 0 out sec status and move to high sec for transfer as well as drop corp

Starting bid 50b

Buyout 60b

Bump To The Top

1 more bump

ill start you off with 40 bil bid

50 bil offer

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Fair offer… kinda in the mood to push this today… would do a 55b buy out today if interested

I’ll kick it up to 51b offer

I’ll do 60 bil B/O if you wait for an additional 6.5 hours for me to get off work, get home and send isk if offer is accepted. Let me know.

Scrawler i will take the 60b b/o … and doing it tonight wont be a problem i wont be around for the next 5-6 hours anyways.

Sounds good, I’ll send isk and account to transfer to once I get home off work. As long as accepted offer still stands at that time.

If you could also confirm accepted offer on nyx toon for record, would be much appreciated when you get a chance. :slight_smile:

Going to be home here shortly, if you could please confirm accepted offer on nyx toon. Otherwise I’ll have to withdraw my offer when I get home until then.

im sorry… Offer accepted awaiting isk.

Thank you :slight_smile: will have isk sent in T-1.75 hours

i should be around most of the night.

Isk and Account To transfer has been sent/Mailed. Please confirm transfer when started. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Isk Received i will get started on the transfer shortly

Character Transfer Initiated… Thanks again brother, enjoy the toon.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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