Nyx Skillboard

Merlin Kishunuba
Money maker / Umbrella pilot
20M wallet with no assets.
Security status: 0.1
No jump clones and no implants
2 Neural remaps available
430 184 Unallocated skillpoints
Currently in Jita 4-4
Home station: Jita IV - Moon 6 - Caldari Provisions School
NPC corp: June 23rd 2022

Best offer as long as it’s above extraction value.

This is about as good of a nyx pilot as it is a revelation pilot

20b i offer

25B and you’ve got a deal.

EXPIRED: i would give you 23B, Money is on hand and ready to go (expires in 24H)

new offer is 21,5B

Interesting strategy. But it’s still a no. Thanks for the offers though.

Ok, how about 22B?

Thanks for the offer but no thanks.
25B minimum. Otherwise I’ll just keep her around.

Thanks for the offer amigo.
But as I said. 25B Or I’ll just keep her on the account.

24B isk ready if you are interested in selling still.

If you are still selling then please let me know.

Still selling. As noted earlier though, 25B is the minimum I’ll take. :slight_smile:

Hi, will accept 25B.

Hi will send 25B isk to you along with Account name to your mail.

26b :slight_smile:

You can take it for 26, i’m not going any higher, goodluck fly safe.

I’m still prepared to offer 25B for this toon - If the other guy backs out with his 26B offer… My isk is ready.

I’ll check the emails of this toon later today. If I haven’t heard from Lord Servant then it’s all yours Tanya.

Already purchased a toon now mate, sorry.

Fair enough, good luck to you!